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I'm betting his problem is the lack of info_player_survivor or info_player_zombie entities, so as a result he's spawning at the origin of the map. And he didn't put any map stuff at the origin, so the character falls.

Your problem might be the lack of cubemaps. Add some env_cubemaps to the center of every room and every large area, compile, then run the map and type 'buildcubemaps' without quotes. Then restart the map.

If that doesn't fix it, then you might be using the d.e.a.d textures. Avoid those, lots of them are buggy and incomplete.

PS - Also, bit of a bump on this thread, isn't it?

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Geez, I hope I don't have problems like you guys do when I map... I was really wondering if there's a way I can load up Zombie Panic: Source maps when I map so I can look at what other mappers do that make such and such possible. When mapping for Starcraft 1, I used to look at other people's maps' triggers just to see how they made some things work. This would help me if I can just load up other people's maps. There's no way I'd want to change some things up and have it verified by the original mapper to see if it's legit.

I just want ideas while I am in hammer editor. It just makes it easier.

Does this mean I now need Valve hammer editor 3.5 since it came out? That I need the latest version?

There's also hammer editor 4.1. Should I get that instead?

Edit #3: Is there also a way I can use the textures & props created by the Zombie Panic dev team to have more to select from??? I really am hoping I can have a lot to work with in trying to map as far as textures. The more textures, the more ideas for creativity, amiright?

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hmm old post, ~~~~ 10 years!
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