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Default In-game scenario

Hello everyone. With the help of Sammy-ROCK!, I am posting a quick social science survey to measure how we act when we play Zombie Panic. It consists of two questions.

The prompt below should gives you the situation for the first question. Please read it carefully. Please be as honest as possible.

The results of the first question will be published as is. The results of the second question will be coded by the researcher according to the type of answer you give. Your individual responses will not be published. I will post a debrief when everything has been compiled. With enough participation, the results should be interesting.

There are 16 players currently playing on the server. There are no objectives. You have to survive for a set amount of time to win.

You have just started a round as a survivor in a building with four other players. Weapons and ammo are distributed fairly.

For the next few minutes, you and the other survivors put in equal effort carefully barricading entrances and covering one another while several zombies attempt to enter. After a few more solo entry attempts, there is a sudden onslaught of zombies at your entrances. There are many gunshots and some explosions. After a few seconds it's over, and everyone's still alive.

While you were all firing, you were hit by whitey, who swung at you from the window. There was a lot of gunfire when you were struck. The other survivors were not looking and you have little reasons to believe they suspect you were hit.

You suddenly know you're infected. You know you have a number of seconds before you become a zombie.

Which of the following choices do you make next?
Please click through to submit your answer at: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/5BNNXH8
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Sammy-ROCK!, if you would please close this thread to commenting and automatic bumping. Thanks.
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