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Long time not played, aaah, what great memorys of the past with this great game, the best of its kind. I think i will host a Server again this weekend and start playing again. hopefully i can revive other Players too, that would be great.

Maybe someone want to join me then? Steamgroup of the Server where the Revive of the Server will be announced: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/bcbbq

and i am very curious about the upcomming Update.


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Still alive lel i check in every coupla years at this point

Website here Tutorials: here
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Still going strong.
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Jesus, I really miss this game.
It's basically the same after 6 years, servers still filled with 12 year old squeakers
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Can a forum admin give me the email for P3t3r14 its my alternate account, thanks
Ding Dong the king is dead , Just Kidding! bow down to your master or die a deathly death.
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Oi! it is I Kusari_gama1
I use the U.S.A. amreican inter.net because i have no clue how to read japanese thats good, plus my dad is in the army so we move place to place with my mom and lil crack head 11 year old sis . (oh and it's free since he's in the army )
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