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Default Ryan's Human Eating Guide

This Guide Is Full Of Tips And Pointers For Your Average Zombie!

1) One of the most important things to remember is - don't keep trying to "eat" the same person, create some friends (kill other humans) and try again.

2) Shift will be your best friend, it gives you a very useful speed boost.

3) Never "Back Off" if a human is shooting at you, be relentless

4) Remember that on most of the maps, ammo is quite limited for humans.. use this to your advantage and remember that if a human kills you with a gun, they are still using precious ammo

5) Humans are always weaker in the beginning, when have not collected any weapons.. later in the game they can become quite powerful.. be sure to rush them if you can!

That's All I Got! Thanks For Reading, Trickyryan88
"The only zombie killing force stronger than a rocket propelled chain saw is love." - A wise man, presumed dead because of one too many zombie hugs.
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Originally Posted by trickyryan88 View Post
3) Never "Back Off" if a human is shooting at you, be relentless。
NOOOO! This is the poison that ZPO has stuck in player's heads. Zombies have a limited amount of lives. I HATE when players just run at survivors with no regard for their own life aka the team's lives. There are times where the game is lost because a bunch of players would rather rush a group of campers instead of going after the players that are wandering around alone.

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Don't rush/show ur face all the time to the survivors, be calm and get them in the right time you will see
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Agree with tabajara.
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I personally would prefer that silence is the best friend a zombie could ever get. Good players will always try to give themselves a heads up for any approaching dangers by listening out for distinct sounds that tells them what's going on where they can't see.

Along with staying out of sight, making no noises whatsoever will tip any battles in your favor, assuming any survivor have not spotted you yet.
If they don't know you're there, you don't exist! This also works great when pursuing a survivor too tunnel-visioned to check his surroundings.

I'm still sad you can't use the "use key" to make silent jumps anymore, lol.
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you should definitelly back off in a lto of situations
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