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Question Changing Infection Rate

Now lets say for example, somebody wished to have a higher infection rate for the carrier on their server.

I had a look through zombie_ and none seems to relate to infection.

Has anyone else looked into changing the infection rate from 10% on their server and found a way to do it?
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not possible - only the devs can change the infection rate - as its in the actual game data.
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Devs should add an command for it then.
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actually its in the console


set it in the server.cfg and infection chance can be raised.

I run my server on 30% and it makes it much harder for humans but also people tend to actually fear the carrier and respect it more now.

thinking of trying it on 100% for fun one day a week

I just know theres gonna be a bunch of servers messing with this now

Website here Tutorials: here
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wow that's sweet :O, proves how much i know then.

Thanks for correcting me.
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You can not change it in game however. Well, you can with sv_cheats 1 but if you change it back to sv_cheats 0 then it resets back to the server defaults.
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Thanks fenrix.

Should be able to work that into something.
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Default sourcemod infection extension

Update: updated the infect player extension for 1.25b server

We've been doing this with sourcemod on West Coast 24/7 for awhile, might as well release some of our stuff! The attached sourcemod script fixes the infected_chance and infected_turntime console variables. They can now be set without sv_cheats 1 and infected_turntime has been tweaked so it can now be set to 0 allowing for instantaneous infections! We use this to set infected_chance to 0 for our melee rounds.

infected_turntime <time in minutes>
infected_chance <[0, 100] percent chance>

If you enjoy pissing off every survivor on the server:

infected_turntime 0;infected_chance 100;

For people with linux servers, you can try the infection extension which allows admins to infect any player.

zie_infectplayer <userid> <time in seconds>

(Get userid from the 'status' command.)

Works with sourcemod 1.0.0

Windows or Linux(if you dont want the linux player infection extension):
Download sm_zie_win.zip
extract and compile zpsinfectionlite.sp f
copy the resulting zpsinfectionlite.smx to sourcemod/plugins

Linux (has the player infection extension):
Download sm_zie.1.25.tar.gz.zip (this is a tar.gz file but the board wanted a .zip extension so ignore that crap)
extract it to your addons/sourcemod/ directory
compile /sourcemod/scripting/zpsinfectionlite.sp to sourcemod/plugins/zpsinfectionlite.smx

will load on server start or, if already running, enter 'sm plugins load zpsinfectionlite' into server console.

This is a stripped down version but I think it should work okay. The one we use also has the ability to spread infection via touching but requires another sourcemod extension (Hacks) that I needed to modify for zps. I may release that one soon, once I have a nice way of distributing the 'fixed' Hacks extension.

The infection extension may not work on later server binaries, depending on if certain data structures change. Should work for the current (1.21b version) No warranty etc.. might kill your grandmother, sorry! I'm just pioneering new ways to make the ZPS linux server crash in hopes of getting on the development team. (Mostly joking, thanks for a fun game that I probably play too much!)


More download links:


New linux download (w/ infect player capabilities):
Attached Files
File Type: zip sm_zie_win.zip (618 Bytes, 166 views)
File Type: zip sm_zie_1.25.tar.gz.zip (7.0 KB, 130 views)

Last edited by DR RAMBONE MURDOCH PHD : 04-15-2008 at 06:06 PM. Reason: updated linux download link and attachment
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Very nice work, this should be fun to play around with..
I'm looking to create a zombie friendly server.
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I tried doing this and I had no luck, does this really work ?
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